FAQ's for Friendly bowling

Frequently Asked Questions for Social games at ZONE BOWLING 

I am ready to bowl it off, how long does one game take to complete?

One game of bowling at ZONE BOWLING lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour for 5 to 6 people. Plenty of time to score a perfect 300. To be more specific, it translates to each game lasting approximately 10 minutes per person on the lane. 

Awesome, but how many people per lane? 

6 people or less per lane. If you have more people playing and you are keen to have lanes next to each other, book online here.

I have more than 6 people bowling in my group, will we be bowling together?

Yes, you will, if you book ahead and guarantee your lanes. For all bookings of over 6 people, you will automatically be given 2 side by side lanes. Book online here.

I wore thongs, and forgot my socks, do you sell socks in venue?

Yes we do, all our venues have socks for sale, available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes.

How much do a pair of socks cost?


What is the deal with shoes, can't I just wear my own?

Bowling shoes are specially made as they allow customers to "slide" when Bowling, helping you  hit that strike. It is important that these shoes are worn at all times as the incorrect footwear is a potential safety risk and can damage the approach to the lanes. 

What is our size range for shoes?

We range from Toddlers size 6 up to Men’s size 16
Men's bowling shoe sizes are the same as their normal shoes.
Women's bowling shoe sizes are two sizes below their normal shoe size. Example a ladies size 8 is a bowling size 6.
Kid's shoe sizes are the same as their normal shoes.
Unfortunately, there are no half sizes.

Can I do bowling and laser?

Yes you can, check out our standard games pricing to book in the deal

Am I eligible for a discount through my Health Insurer, Motoring Association, Activity Guide, etc.?

We offer a range of discounts to select organisations we have partnered up with. If you are a member or subscriber of one of the following, please check out the relevant links for how to redeem: 



How long does a game of laser skirmish last?

One game of laser lasts around 20 minutes, this includes briefing and de-briefing.


Is there a minimum age for Laser Tag?

For safety reasons, the minimum age for children in our laser arenas is 6 years old. A party for a child turning 5 years old CANNOT be for Laser Tag.

Do I need to wear enclosed shoes?

For safety reasons, it is recommended that guests wear enclosed shoes while playing Laser Tag. If you are not wearing appropiate footwear we can provide bowling shoes for guests to wear. 

Which venues have laser? 

We have laser available in the following venues only: 

  • NSW:Dee Why, Penrith, Liverpool, Castle Hill, Rooty Hill, Blacktown, Villawood
  • QLD: Loganholme, Robina
  • SA: Woodville, Cross Road
  • VIC: Watergardens, Highpoint, Clayton, Forest Hill



I make a mean hommus dip, can I bring my own food and drinks to centre?

No outside food and beverage of any kind is permitted to be brought into the bowling centre. 

Hmmm okay, what food do you sell?

Our menu is different depending on which ZONE BOWLING venue you visit.

Click here to select your venue and view their menu

For allergen enquiries, click here.



Okay I am ready to bowl it off, do I need to pre-book or can I just rock up?

We always recommend making a booking to guarantee your lane or laser vest. Click here to book now

Is the pricing per person or for the lane?

All prices are per person, unless it is a price based on quantity of people. Check out our pricing page for more information

What's the cheapest you can do for us for a family of (4, 5, 6 etc.) with bowling?

Great question, have you checked out our family play pack

Or if it is school holidays check out our school holiday pricing

What deals are there on the weekends? 

On our weekends we have the following deals available:

  • Family Play Pack: $49.90 for a family of four (two adults maximum, shoe hire included)
  • Double Play: $16.90 per person (don’t forget $2.00 for shoe hire)
  • Standard Games: $16.90 per person (don’t forget $2.00 for shoe hire)
  • For more information on any of the above click here

Can we purchase showbags on a social booking?

During school holidays you can, when purchasing our School holiday original or ultimate fun pass. Click here to check out our School Holiday deals.

What are your prices? 

For Bowling, click here
For Laser, click here
For arcades, click here
For Birthday parties click here
For Group and corporate events, click here
For Gift cards, click here

I booked online, but never received an email confirmation, why? 

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email here are some reasons why:

  • The email supplied could have been entered incorrectly
  • It could have ended up in your junk email, have a quick looks to double check
  • Did you pay with paypal? All receipts are sent to the email address linked to your paypal account, or the email account that paypal supplies.
  • The payment may not have been processed. 
If you would like us to double check, please email zone@zonebowling.com with your name, the date you booked for and the email address you used to purchase with. 




What are ZONE BOWLING's opening hours?

Most centres open at 10am and close at 10pm, these times can vary by centre and day. Please click here and choose your venue to get specific opening and closing times.



Check out our refund policy here >>


We’re moving up from tokens and Playcards to Powercard’s and you’re going to love tapping into all the new benefits.The Powercard can be used in Kingpin, Timezone and Zone Bowling, meaning you have access to hundreds more games and can shop in any prize redemption store! The new gamecard also uses the latest technology, which gives you the ability to just TAP to start your game, no more swiping is required.

How do I get my new Powercard?

You can replace your existing card to the new Powercard at any Kingpin, Zone Bowling or Timezone, it’s free!

Can I still use my old Playcard?

No, you can’t because all our game card readers will be changed to the Tap To Play card reader. 

When will this change occur?

Each venue will be changing over from now until April. When you visit your nearest venue you will be able to change your card once they have them available.

Will I lose my bonus bucks I bought on the old packages?

No, your balances will be remain as is, and remain valid for 12 months from the last time you used the playcard. Remember to register your card to ensure that you safeguard your balance.

Will the value of my bonus tickets change?

No. Your ticket balance remains unchanged and has the same value as before.

Does the game prices change?

No. Game prices stay the same.

How much will it cost me to play?

It's up to you. You can recharge any amount, but the larger the amount you recharge the more bonus bucks you will receive.

Why did you change the prices?

The change is in part of big behind the scenes improvements to the Zone Bowling/Kingpin guest experience and value initiative.

Can I split a reload of $100 across more than one card?

No. For Arcade Credit to be applied the full amount must be applied to one card. If you split the money across two cards the lesser ratio per card will apply.

Will the games and attractions change?

We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest games. Some venues are scheduled for some upgrades and refurbishments with potential game movements. 

Will my points & credit transfer across to Timezone?

Yes, they will! We want you to still be in the running to collect enough tickets to win that plushie you’ve been saving up for!

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