They say money can't buy happiness, but you do usually need it for things like sports trips, charity work, new classrooms, and community playgrounds.

For those, you need funds, and for funds, you need fundraising.

Before you pick up your bucket of soapy water for a car wash, consider giving your kind donors something a little more exciting.

Picture this: A bowling alley full of laughing people yelling with pride for every strike they bowl. A Laser Tag battleground lit with the neon lights of laser guns and echoing with running footsteps, dramatic cries - and more laughter. Everyone there is having a ball, all in the name of fundraising.

With a ZONE BOWLING fundraiser event, you get a special rate for each attendee, a dedicated website for payments and RSVPs, and a personal Event Specialist to help you manage the whole thing. All you need to do is pick a time and date, invite everyone you know, and let ZONE BOWLING do the rest.

How much can you raise?

You pay $15 per person for two games of bowling, or pay $13 per person for two games of Laser Tag.

What you charge your guests is completely up to you, and the difference in price is how much you make.

Let's do some math. Let's say you bring along 100 people, and charge each one of them $23.90 for two games of bowling. You'll make $8.90 per person - and $890 overall for the event!

Keep in mind that food, beverages and additional entertainment (such as the arcade games) aren't included in the prices.

Who can book a fundraiser with us?

We work with anyone who needs a hand organising an awesome fundraiser.

You will need to ensure you comply with certain applicable legislation and associated regulations, and provide us with a copy of your authority to conduct the event. Take a look at the charitable fundraising legislation in your state or territory to make sure your cause ticks the right boxes, and talk to the Department of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs for further advice.

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