Team Building

As much as everyone in a workplace wants to get on well with their colleagues, many people would rather eat cardboard, peel potatoes or lick envelopes than perform traditional bonding exercises.

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that a 2012 study by Wakefield Research found that 31 per cent of officers workers dislike team building activities.

When did we all forget that team building can be fun?

Team building at ZONE BOWLING

Say NO to the same old tired tasks. Say YES to a team-building exercise so fun it feels more like a reward for the workers than an outing that will actually benefit the company.

You can't manage an exceptional team until you've built one, and more than a few studies prove that making the effort to do so can really pay off when it comes to knuckling down on the job.

And one of the best ways to do this? Sporting activities - you know, like bowling and laser tag.

Hitting the lanes together at ZONE BOWLING can teach a team a lot more than their colleagues' shoe sizes. They'll have to communicate and work together, as well as naturally take on individual roles within the group, set goals and help each other.

What's another way to boost the teamness of your team? Shared meals - and we've got that covered, too.


Pick from a gold, silver or bronze package for a deal that covers your games and food.

The Full Roller Package: A two-game combo of Bowling and/or Laser Tag, welcome drink on arrival and a handful of food platters that will be sure to keep you satisfied.
The Striker Package: A two-game combo of Bowling and/or Laser Tag and a variety of great food options.
The Spinner Package: A one-game package of Bowling or Laser Tag with great food options.

Whether your team is a fledgling spring chicken or a creaky old-timer, give them a reason to re-think their assumptions of corporate team building exercises by booking your next function with us.

Where are you planing to host your event?

If you are having your event at one of the following locations please download the Spinner and Striker Packages Brochure.

Illawarra Capalaba Boronia Noarlunga Belconnen
Moonah Richlands Forest Hill    
Southgate   Frankston    
    Keon Park    


For events held at any of our other centres please choose from one of the three options below.   

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The Spinner Package

The perfect package for those who have less time to play. Get together for one game of Bowling or Laser Tag and fuel the hunger with our tasty treats.

The Spinner Package

Offer Details

  • 1 game Bowling* or Laser Tag
  • Popcorn chicken with aioli
  • Cigar spring rolls with plum dipping sauce (v)
  • Crispy prawn gyoza served with soy dipping sauce
  • Beef meatballs in basil napolitana sauce
  • New York sliders topped with cheese & pickles 

The Striker Package

The Striker Package is perfect for those groups looking for more! You get an extra game of bowling and/or Laser Tag and a variety of great food options. Take a closer look by clicking on the link below.

The Striker Package

Offer Details

  • 2 game combination of Bowling* and/or Laser Tag
  • Grilled haloumi and asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto (gf)
  • Mac and Cheese Croquettes with Tomato Relish (V)
  • Cigar spring rolls with plum dipping sauce (v)
  • Mini chilli beef nachos (gf)
  • New York sliders topped with cheese & pickles
  • Mini Magnum ice creams

The Full Roller Package

It's almost impossible to think what else we could've crammed into The Full Roller Package! It's the crème de la crème, the pièce de résistance and lots of other French terms meaning it’s the best!

The Full Roller Package

Offer Details

  • 2 game combination of Bowling* and/or Laser Tag
  • Welcome drink on arrival 
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese on pane di casa toast
  • Mac and Cheese croquettes with tomato relish
  • Grilled chorizo, haloumi, cherry tomato and basil stack
  • Smoky BBQ Memphis chicken wings
  • Beef short ribs with chimichurri sauce
  • Chipotle pulled pork and crispy slaw sliders
  • Mango meringue sliders